One of the last remaining drive-ins in Indiana,
Carlson's has been a landmark in Michigan City for more than half a century.

One of the reasons for Carlson's success is its traditional, homemade and distinctive-tasting root beer. For 71 years the secret recipe has not changed. Unlike other fast-food chains that carbonate the water and then add syrup, Carlson's root beer is brewed daily and then carbonated. This produces the unique and exceptional flavor found only at root beer stands. And just like the Carlsons did 70 years ago, that creamy foam-topped root beer is still deliciously served in a tall frosty mug.

Some of the time-honored traditions still in place at Carlson's are the
all-beef, bun-length Eckrich® hot dogs, on-site homemade root beer, freshly peeled and cut onions and the guarded secret recipes for the homemade chili and BBQ pork. Owner John Hermann relates his idea for Carlson's continued success, "We have the best quality food at a great price and you can't beat our service."

Known in town as one of the more enjoyable places to work, Hermann adheres to the 5 "C's" of Carlson tradition: communication, cooperation, confidence, consistency and commitment, and prides himself on having carhops who have worked for him for years as well as generations of families. What is important, Hermann adds, is that the tradition remain the same, that nostalgic, magical sense people experience while at the drive-in. Every customer is greeted with a smile, every item is made to order and everybody leaves full and satisfied.

Thirsty? Stop by Carlson's Drive-In, located at 118 W. Coolspring Ave., Michigan City, Indiana, and have a "baby beer" on us...or try our new White Cream Soda, brewed and carbonated just like our root beer for that smooth, one-of-a-kind taste.

Carlson's...experience a
simpler time enhanced
by a delightfully varied
selection of traditional
drive-in cuisine amidst
a quaint and reminiscent

Carlson's is a seasonal
drive-in open from early
February through
early October.

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